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Latest News
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Exhibition in Hawai'i

Materials Research Society, Spring Meeting

17 May 2022

We were delighted to exhibit our software at the Materials Research Society's Spring meeting in Honolulu. The exhibition started with an evening event on Monday 9 May and ended after lunch on Wednesday 11 May. This was a fascinating event that brought in delegates from various Pacific Rim societies, leading to a successful fusion of good science, blended with Hawaiian warmth and cheer. Thanks to everyone - new, existing and potential customers - who visited our booth!

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Exhibition in San Diego

American Chemical Society, Spring Meeting

1 March 2022

Our intrepid exhibition team crossed the continent from frigid Chicago to warm, sunny San Diego. We had a prominent booth on the main aisle of the exhibits hall and were open from Monday 21 through to Wednesday 23 March. Thanks to everyone who sacrificed a bit of sunshine on the rooftop terrace to visit us in the dark depths of the exhibition hall!

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Exhibition in Chicago

American Physical Society, March Meeting

1 March 2022

We braved Chicago's frigid temperatures and bitter wind to exhibit at the American Physical Society's March Meeting. The exhibition was located in the McCormick Place convention centre, in the South Loop neighbourhood of Chicago, and ran from Monday 14 through to Thursday 18 March.

Recent News
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CrystalMaker 10.7

Major Update Features Pair Distribution Functions

8 December 2021

We are pleased to announce the release of a major new software update, CrystalMaker 10.7: our 39th free update to this program in four years. This new version focuses on the Distance Explorer, but we've also added a handy new "Sync" toolbar button - and substantially revised our online help & User's Guide.

The Distance Explorer has a sleek new design, with an elegant button bar replacing the former "Inspector" pane, and an always-visible Sidebar offering easy customization of distance searches. The Mac version uses Apple's new "integrated" toolbar design and features a tabbed selector button to switch between a conventional distance display, and a new Pair Distribution Function capability... Video

CrystalMaker can now calculate full x-ray and neutron pair distribution functions - D ( r ) - as well as "partial" P.D.F.s - gmn( r ) - for specific element pairs. CrystalMaker will automatically generate the requisite range of atoms and ensure that all potential element pair combinations are searched (including "duplicate" pairs such as A → B and B → A, as required under the definition of the PDF).

A new Sync button can be added to the toolbar via the Customize Toolbar command. Clicking this button brings up the usual Synchronize sheet, but holding down the shift key bypasses the sheet and allow you to quickly apply the last-set options to all structures in your document. If you regularly find yourself making changes to sequences and needing to re-synchronize, this shift-click technique should prove convenient.

CrystalMaker 10.7 is a free update for all licensed CrystalMaker X users and can be downloaded directly from the product download page.

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We Support Monterey!

Latest Software Runs Seamlessly on macOS 12

26 October 2021

We are pleased to confirm that all our latest software runs seamlessly on macOS 12 "Monterey".

Our 64-bit Mac programs are designed to support the widest range of Mac operating systems, from "Sierra" (10.12), through "High Sierra", "Mojave", "Catalina", "Big Sur" and on to "Monterey".

Not only does our Mac software run on the latest operating systems, it runs natively: all our programs - CrystalMaker X, CrystalDiffract 6, SingleCrystal 4 and CrystalViewer 11 - are UNIVERSAL BINARY applications: containing both Intel and ARM code to support the widest range of Macs with older Intel processors and the newer Apple Silicon (M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max) designs.

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CrystalViewer 11

New Teaching Software Lets Students Learn Through Play

1 January 2021

We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new teaching program, designed to introduce students of all ages to nano-scale structures of crystals and molecules. CrystalViewer 11 is designed around a "photo-album" browser interface, with a comprehensive collection of crystal & molecular structures organised by structure/composition, and with powerful search and indexing capabilities. Structures can be visualized in 3D, with interactive rotation, scaling and measurement. An optional Red/Blue stereo viewing mode brings structures "out of the screen" in high-resolution detail.

CrystalViewer - a version of which is also included with CrystalMaker, via that program's "Library Browser" interface - is an ideal teaching tool for university departments which don't already have a CrystalMaker Software site licence. We're providing low-cost departmental licences which allow the software to be installed on individual student machines, so they can "learn through play" in their own time, wherever they happen to be: ideal for "lockdown learning"! Learn More...

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We Support Apple Silicon

Universal Binaries Run Natively on New ARM-Based Macs

8 December 2020

We are delighted to announce that all our current Mac software runs natively on the new Apple Silicon Macs. CrystalMaker 10.6 (released today), CrystalDiffract 6.9 (released last week) and SingleCrystal 4.1 (released two weeks ago) are all Universal Binaries - single applications which include native code for both Apple Silicon and Intel processors. All programs run natively on the new M1 (ARM-based) Apple Silicon processors, as well as on older Macs with legacy Intel processors.

These major new updates are available free-of-charge to registered customers - and include a host of other new features. Learn more about the changes in the release notes for CrystalMaker, CrystalDiffract and SingleCrystal. Download the latest software from our Updates page.

CrystalMaker X User's Guide

Printed User's Guides

Deluxe, Colour-Printed Guides Now Available for Purchase

26 October 2021

We include full user's guides with all our products—these are in searchable PDF format, and can be accessed via each application's Help menu. However, many users prefer printed documentation. There's nothing like the tactile sensation of thumbing through real printed pages—and now you can do this for all our software products...

So instead of wasting precious printer ink or toner, why not order a professionally printed-and-bound book? Our printed guides are the correct size, use full-colour printing, have lovely matte laminated covers—and are perfect bound for durability. The new guides include:

  • CrystalMaker 10 (360 pages)
  • CrystalDiffract 6 (136 pages)
  • SingleCrystal 4 (200 pages)

You can order these books with a credit card, through our online store. Prices start from just $30 (SingleCrystal or CrystalDiffract) - including shipping worldwide!

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