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A vast range of inorganic structures for use with CrystalMaker 9 or later

LiAl (Fd3m)

LiAl (Fd3m)
Li (Im3m)

Li (Im3m)

Over 12 000 crystal structures are included here, courtesy of CrystalMaker user Dr Yoshitaka Matsushita (Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo, Japan).

  • Over 9500 chalcogenides are included here: these are compounds containing one or more elements from group VI(B) of the Periodic Table, i.e., sulphur, selenium or tellurium.

  • Over 1000 pnictides are also included: compounds of the Group V(B) elements P, As, Sb and Bi.

  • The library also includes over 1000 intermetallic structures, plus over 500 appendix structures: miscellaneous oxides, nitrides and halides.

icon Chalcogenics Index 480 KB
icon Chalcogenides 1 70 MB
icon Chalcogenides 2 45 MB
icon Chalcogenides 3 72 MB
icon Intermetallics Index 56 KB
icon Intermetallics 20 MB
icon Pnictides Index 52 KB
icon Pnictides 18 MB
icon Appendix Index 48 KB
icon Appendix 11 MB

Compatibility Note: these files require CrystalMaker 9 or later.

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