Periodic Tables

Atomic, ionic & covalent radii in 3D Technicolor™

A collection of 7 "molecule" files, each depicting the Periodic Table of Elements, with atoms shown as rendered spheres at their relative sizes. The different files correspond to CrystalMaker's various built-in Element Table sets, for Atomic, Ionic, Covalent and Van-der-Waals radii. Some of the files feature the CPK colour scheme. The atoms display their element symbols; atomic numbers can also be displayed.

To change the way in which atom labels are displayed, choose CrystalMaker's Model > Model Options command and navigate to the Labels tab. You can opt to display Site Labels, in preference to element symbols.

These structures show the flexibility of CrystalMaker in handling a diverse range of structure types, with extensive customizations available via the Site Browser pane and the Element Editor window.

Periodic Table

Periodic Table of the Elements showing relative atomic radii (data from Vainshtein et al, 1995, Structures of Crystals, Springer-Verlag)

Download Periodic Tables (32 K zip archive)

Compatibility Note: These files require CrystalMaker 9 or later.

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