Your Licensing Options Explained

We provide a range of flexible licensing options, from perpetual Personal licences, through multi-user Group licences, to all-embracing Annual Site Licence Bundles. Education and Student pricing is also available. Please review the following table, to determine which option best suits your needs:

Perpetual Licence Perpetual Site Licence or/ Annual Site Licence Bundle
Personal Group Department Campus

Your personal copy of the software:

  • One named user.

  • Perpetual licence (for 1 product, 1 platform).

Our recommended option for individual academics or researchers: the software is licensed to you, so you can take it with you if you change jobs or move institutions.

As this is a Personal licence, it is valid only for your own use, cannot be "shared", and is non transferable.

If you require wider access, please purchase a Group licence.

Ideal for most research groups:

  • Registered to the group leader.

  • Up to 10 named users (who must all be members of the same group).

  • Perpetual licence (for 1 product, 1 platform).

To be used by members of the same research group, who must all be based at the same physical location.

For wider access, including teaching labs, please purchase a Department of Campus licence.

Extended licensing across one department or institute:

  • All department members


  • Perpetual (1 product, 1 platform)


  • Annual licence bundle for all products and both Mac and Windows software.

Extended licensing across an entire university or company:

  • All members


  • Perpetual (1 product, 1 platform)


  • Annual licence bundle for all products and both Mac and Windows software.

Why Choose an Annual Site Licence Bundle?

  1. Includes all of our software, for all platforms.
  2. One low annual fee.
  3. Suitable for organisations with an annual software budget.

Why Choose a Perpetual Site Licence?

  1. You have one-off funding and want to future-proof your purchase.
  2. Pick-and-choose which product(s) and platform(s) to support.
  3. Saves money, over a 3-year period (or less, if purchased online!).
Licensing Restrictions

Please see our full software licensing agreement for the legally-binding contract that governs use of our software.

Cross-Platform Licensing

To keep prices as low as possible, all our licences (with the exception of Annual Licence Bundles) are single platform: Mac or Windows. If you require software for both platforms, you don't have to buy the "same" licence twice; instead, you simply need to purchase one full licence (e.g., for Mac), and then purchase an upgrade licence for the second platform (e.g., Windows). That means you get two full programs, designed from scratch for their respective operating systems, for the price of one-and-a-half programs.

Need a Classroom or Network Licence? - Please purchase a Department or Campus licence. Still have questions? See our Questions Answered page.

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