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We are proud of our reputation for the highest quality of customer service. As a small company, we believe we have a big advantage: being agile and customer-focussed; quick to response to queries or problems, and able to bend our workflow to suit your needs. However, for this to work we do need to know who our customers are! So please help us to help you, by registering your product.

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If you have purchased more than one software product from us (e.g., CrystalMaker and CrystalDiffract), please complete a separate registration form for each product. This may sound like a bore, but your web browser will probably remember the text you typed in the first time...

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We promise to work with you to provide superior technical support(*), advice and to help you get the maximum performance (and, we hope, enjoyment) out of our programs. Your registration information remains confidential; we do not disclose information to third parties, sell e-mail addresses, or contribute to "spam".

We provide free technical support to legitimate, registered users, for the lifetime of the product. Please note that technical support cannot be provided for older products, which have been superceded by upgraded versions.

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