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CrystalMaker® 9.2

Advanced Chemical &
Materials Structures Modelling

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CrystalViewer™ 9.2

Crystal & Molecular Structures Visualization FREE DOWNLOAD!

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CrystalDiffract® 6.6

Multi-phase x-ray & neutron powder diffraction analysis/simulation.

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SingleCrystal™ 2.3

Single-crystal diffraction, TEM auto-indexing & stereographic projections.


Advanced Crystal/Molecular Structures Visualization & Diffraction

Welcome to CrystalMaker Software: creators of elegant, powerful software for crystalline (and molecular) materials. Our focus is in using interactive graphics to empower users with a vivid visual understanding of structure and properties: to "see the wood for the trees". Our award-winning software is now used in over 50 countries across the globe.

Modular Software

Instead of building a gargantuan - and expensive - "Jack-of-all-trades" program, we've focused on producing the best, Master tools, for different areas:

You choose which product(s) and which platform(s) you need - or take advantage of our flexible site licensing...

A Better Way to Work

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Whereas other programs are designed for small, single molecules — or fixated on old-world crystallography — CrystalMaker is a breath of fresh air! Powerful crystallographic tools, without the pain; an engaging, interactive interface that's simply a better way of working.

But CrystalMaker 9 goes way beyond mere visualization, with new energy-modelling tools, letting you build new structures, optimize them - and engineer entirely new materials.

3D glasses

Outstanding 3D Graphics

CrystalMaker provides spectacular high-resolution photo-realistic graphics, including 3D stereo in colour: an ideal way of sharing 3D visualization with your colleagues and students, in seminars, lecture theatres and teaching labs.

Animations and Movies

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CrystalMaker's seamless drag-and-drop workflow allows multi-structure visualization, animation and video output. And if you need to build new structures, we provide easy data input/editing, with full symmetry support.

Share Your Structures

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Share your structural models with the rest of the world, with engaging 3D rotatable models. Load into iBooks for your iPad or Mac, or export to other 3D software for 3D printing. Alternatively, you can now take advantage of our free CrystalViewer software to.

Powder Diffraction

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CrystalMaker can be extended to simulate x-ray and neutron powder diffraction patterns, using CrystalDiffract. Featuring real-time parameter control, mixture generation and comparison with real data, CrystalDiffract is an ideal way to characterize your diffraction results!

Single-Crystal Diffraction

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SingleCrystal (Apple Design Award, 2007) lets you simulate x-ray, neutron or TEM diffraction patterns from single crystals - and compare with observed data in the same window. SingleCrystal interfaces with CrystalMaker, so as you rotate a crystal structure in CrystalMaker, its simulated diffraction pattern and stereographic projection rotate in SingleCrystal.

SingleCrystal features easy measurement and auto-indexing tools, high-resolution graphics and powerful data output.

Time is Money: Workflow Matters! Your time is valuable, so don't waste it with imitation softCrystalMaker Software: Products Overviewware. Take advantage of our award-winning original design, intuitive interfaces, integrated workflow, first-class technical support - and regular, free incremental updates.

Mac and Windows Software Done Properly

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Native Not Ported. We are professional software developers, registered with Apple and Microsoft and using their official developer tools to develop real, native software for each patform. These genuine Mac and Windows applications are highly-tuned to deliver the optimum performance and user experience for each platform - and we support the latest operating systems, including macOS Sierra and Windows 10.

We Love Mac. Because we write true Mac software, we're able to offer our Mac users the best-possible performance out of your hardware, combined with the superlative user experience you expect from a properly-written Mac application. Simple things like multi-touch control, Retina graphics, Quick Look thumbnails and previews, Spotlight search and indexing, QuickLook video, Code Signing for hassle-free downloads and security - they all add up to a great user experience that helps justify your choice of the Mac platform.

Beware Lazy Developers! Potential customers should contrast our "no-compromise" approach to that of certain other vendors (including most so-called "free" software) who take short cuts to "port" the same "lowest-common-denominator" interface to multiple operating systems. They bypass the native system calls - and security - instead relying on third-party shells or emulators (e.g., Java, QT or WXWidgets). The results speak for themselves: mediocre performance, poor usability, dreadful system integration, long-term compatibility issues (Java anyone?!) - and ugly user interfaces.

Give your Computer the Software it Deserves! If you spend a fair amount of time in front of your computer, you'll appreciate the difference our no-compromise approach makes. And if you've recently bought a new computer, you'll really see the difference!

   Learn More about our software in this illustrated brochure (5.4 MB).

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